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Our Ranch Staff

Steve Finn

Executive Director

Eleven years of police work in Georgia gave Steve Finn a heart for youth. Wanting to make a bigger difference than he could make wearing an officer's badge, Steve and his wife Dawn decided to become houseparents at Eagle Ranch. 

"I felt God calling me to develop a children's home in West Virginia, my birth state. It seemed that being a houseparent was a natural step to understanding what this type of ministry was all about... it's a good training ground." 

Steve and Dawn, along with their three children, Abbey, Hunter, and Garrett, have been dedicated over the past 6 years to bringing the Ranch from vision to reality. 

Founder of Eagle Ranch, Eddie Staub, has become Steve's mentor - assisting him in the early stages of this new ministry. Much of the program for Chestnut Mountain Ranch is directly modeled after the time proven methods used at Eagle Ranch. 

Steve and Dawn have see lives being changed at Eagle Ranch, and they are excited to have brought the program to West Virginia. "One-hundred years from now it will not matter what car we drove, or how big our house was, but the difference made in the life of a child will effect generations to come."