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Admissions Process

Chestnut Mountain Ranch generally enrolls "at risk" children with mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems, such as: depression, anxiety, oppositional/defiant behavior, lying, stealing, school conduct problems, academic underachievement, poor social skills, issues related to past abuse, poor anger management, poor self-image, etc.  

Children and teens exhibiting more extreme behavior or severe problems will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

Please also note that Chestnut Mountain Ranch is NOT a mental health facility or licensed therapeutic group home and is not equipped to accept children with severe mental disorders.

Chestnut Mountain Ranch is a school registered with the West Virginia Department of Education.  We are a fully accredited school through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Since the Ranch is not a mental health program, we work with local psychologists and psychiatrists as needed to address a student's mental health needs.

Entry Requirements:


  • Boys 11-15 (or 6th-9th grade) at the time of admission.
  • A minimum IQ score of 80.
  • No recent suicidal or homicidal behaviors.
  • No current drug or alcohol dependencies.
  • Youth referred from West Virginia Family Court are eligible, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Student's family resides within 70 miles of the Chestnut Mountain Ranch campus.
  • Family must be willing to provide daily transportation to and from the Ranch.
  • Family involvement with the goal of family restoration.
  • Family must be willing to meet at Ranch as needed to participate in family support team meetings, family counseling and parent group meetings.
  • Student must have health insurance.

Step By Step

  • The student's legal guardian must submit a completed application and all requested documentation to the Chestnut Mountain Ranch Admissions Coordinator (Clay Jarrell). Applications may be mailed or faxed to the administration office.
  • The application packet is reviewed by the Admissions Coordinator in conjunction with counseling staff.
  • If an applicant is determined to be a candidate, the child and his parents/guardians will be invited to participate in a series of interviews to determine if the enrollment is appropriate.
  • Once the student is officially accepted, enrollment is scheduled at the earliest possible date.

Admission Process:

The admission process for entry into Chestnut Mountain Ranch typically takes three to four weeks, and an application must be made by the student's legal guardian. To get started, you may call the Ranch office at 304.241.1709 and request an application, or you can download the application forms. Applicants may also visit the Ranch administration office to request an application. Directions to the Ranch are available on our contact page.